Thursday, 4 July 2013

Crumble eggs with aubergine in pecorino sauce

Eggs  take a lead role in the most part of my recipes.
Eggs  are so versatile, tasty, natural, rich of proteins, vitamins A, B, E and  mineral salt and are so beautiful!
Of course there are many kind of eggs: different sizes, different colours, different tastes, depending on the chicken type and diet (we are what we eat..)
The best it would be to use fresh eggs of your area free-range chicken, of which you know the quality, otherwise you should  look at the symbol on your eggs box to be sure you are buying first category eggs.
The Italian  Chef who amaze me with his eggs recipes is Carlo Cracco.
In particular one of his “1000”  ways of cooking eggs  is my favourite: simple, yummy, gorgeous, and surprising.
I use it in my following recipe. Hope you like!

Ingredients for 4 persons

      1  aubergine
 60 gr of fresh pecorino cheese
150 gr of fresh cream
 4  egg yolks
 250 gr f bread crumbs
1  generous handful of grated parmesan cheese
 extravergine olive oil
black salt

cooking steps


  1. cover the bottom of 4 tins with a layer of bread crumbs
  2. make a small hole with your finger just to create the space for the eggs yolk
  3. separate the eggs yolk from the white
  4. put the yolk into the bread crumbs hole
  5. cover the yolk with other bread crumbs
  6. let it rest for some hour (4/5 at least)
  7. take out the yolk turning the tin upside down on your hand
  8. deep fry the yolk in hot extravergine olive oil for about 40 seconds
  9. dry it onto some cooking paper


  1. wash the aubergine and cut it into 8 slices (it depends on the aubergine dimensions, look at the images)make some incisions as shown in the image
  2. arrange it into a draining rack , put some salt and let it release for about 30 minutes, just to eliminate his bitter juice
  3. well wash the slices and dry it with absorbent paper, cover a baking pan with a wax paper sheet then arrange  the aubergine slices onto it
  4. sprinkle a little bit of extravirgin olive oil on the aubergine slices and put into the hot oven (180°)
  5. cook for about 30 minutes, in the meantime prepare the pecorino sauce

Pecorino sauce
1.      chop the pecorino cheese
  1. put the fresh cream into a pan
  2. add the chopped pecorino and the parmesan cheese
  3. cook at low flame stirring until it results creamy

1.      arrange your dish putting a layer of pecorino cream, two slices of aubergine and one crumble egg
2.      garnish with some black salt and some marjoram
3.      serve it hot

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