Sunday, 20 February 2011

Grandmother's Tagliatelle

Grandmother's Tagliatelle 

Sunday again! We are going to have friends for the dinner and they expressly have asked for the best recipe of my grandmother: Tagliatelle (fresh hand made pasta) with dried mushrooms ragù... They love and I and my family too..  My grandmother used to prepare her recipe for Christmas and other important anniversary and occasions.. I make it sometimes for my best friends and when I want to feel again the taste and flavour of my childhood  and my parents home.  Now.. have a great day!! I will have! 

Ingredients for 4/5  persons


         4 eggs
         400 flour “0”
        3/4 tablespoons of extravirgin olive oil

Pasta cooking steps
Look at the Maltagliati recipe.
Cut the pasta with the tagliatelle size

Ragù  ingredients

l        Rosemary
l        50 gr dried mushrooms
l        Extravirgin olive oil
l        2 white onions
l        1/2 handfuls of pine nuts
l        1/2 canned tomatoes
l        Cooking salt

 Ragu’ Cooking steps

   1)      Put the dried mushrooms into a bowl with some water (just to cover it) at room temperature
   2)      chop the rosemary with the onion very finely
   3)      put the pine nuts into a mortar and press it with the pestle just to let the oil inside come out
   4)      put a generous quantity of extravirgin olive oil into a pan until it becomes hot
   5)      then tip the chopped rosemary and onion onto the pan
   6)      stir fry over a low flame without the lid until it becomes brown (about 15/20 min.)
 7)      add the pressed pine nuts and toss it,
8)      put the sieved and squeezed mushrooms and toss it for one or two minutes
9)      add the most part of the sieved water and the tomatoes and the salt and stir
     10)  put the lid and cook for 1 hour and half
     11)  Stir every 5/10 minutes adding the remaining water when necessary
     12)  Dress the cooked tagliatelle with the mushrooms sauce and add some parmisan if you like it.

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