Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Two colors vegetable flan

Two colors vegetable flan

Dear friends, yesterday I prepared something that my husband Massimo and my two little boys like very much… It’s very hard to have children appreciate vegetables  ..  but with this simple recipe they really enjoy hearty and healthy food!!! You should also steam the flan instead of cooking it  into the oven…  It’s up to you the cooking way!!!

Ingredients for 8 persons

white sauce
60 gr flour (30 gr flour - 30 gr maizena)
60 gr butter
500 gr milk

4 boiled carrots
500 gr boiled spinaches
6 eggs
fresh marjoram
2 table spoon extravirgin olive oil
8 single disposable tins

Cooking steps

white sauce
1.    put the butter into a pan and warm it up until it dissolves
2.    add the flour and make a white roux
3.    add the milk and stir it until it starts boiling
4.    put a lid on and cook it for about 20’ over a low flame
5.    turn the flame off
6.    add salt and pepper and grated parmesan

1.    mix the boiled vegetables separately with the oil and reduce it to a puree.
2.    when your white sauce is ready put half into the spinaches puree and half into the carrots puree and mix again the two separately
3.    Let the two puree cool off, then put  half eggs into one puree and
half into the other.
4.    mix the two
5.    add the marjoram into the two puree, then put the puree into the buttered tins (best carrots before..)
6.    put the tins into the hot oven (180°)
7.    cook it for about 25 minutes (when the flans become well puffy)
8. tip the flans before serving  

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