Friday, 11 March 2011

Tiramisu’ 2007

Dear friends, Tiramisù is one of the most appreciated italian desserts and I know that you probably know it and you have already tried almost once in your life, but.....
 The Tiramisù I propose to you today is something special that I’m sure you have never tried, I’m sure because it’s the result of a long study of my pastry chef, Antonio Calosi, Italian pastry and chocolate champion ( When I tasted his tiramisù during a Cordon Bleu pastry class, I thought that it was one the best dessert I’ve ever tasted.
Today I prepared the Antonio Tiramisù, I’ve done some photo of it for helping you to make the dessert at home..   So, please, try and let me know if I’m right!! :)
(I ‘ve written some tip for food processor steps, but you can hand make the dessert in the same way)

Ingredients for 8 persons

·        50 gr flour 0
·        120 gr butter
·        120 gr icing sugar
·        20 gr powdered sugar
·        50 gr eggs
·        100gr egg yolks
·        120 gr eggs white
·        100 gr melted bitter chocolate
·        120 gr almond flour
·        8 gr baking powder
·        moka coffe

Tiramisù cream

 - 75 gr egg yolks
 -  75 gr powdered sugar
  -  7 gr gelatin leaves 
  -  250 gr fresh cream
  - 250 gr mascarpone cheese
    -   some cocoa powder

cooking steps

 1. beat the egg whites with the powdered sugar until stiff
2. whip up the soft butter with the icing sugar at medium speedy until it becomes white and light
3. add the eggs one by one (let the food processor at the same speedy)
4. add the melted chocolate (at a temperature max 40°) keeping on mixing
5. sieve the flour with the almond flour and the baking powder and put it into the mixer at a slow speedy
6. turn off the mixer
7. with a palette add little by little the egg whites with slowly bottom-up movements
8. tip the pastry onto a buttered baking pan (better to cover the baking pan bottom surface with the baking paper before)
9. put it into the preheated oven (180°) and bake for about 15 min

Tiramisù cream

  1. put the gelatin leaves into the water
  2. cook the yolks with the sugar at a very slow temperature (better into the microwaves) stirring until it reach 85° temperature  (English cream)
  3. well squeeze the gelatin leaves and put it into the cream and stir 
  4. whip up the fresh cream with the mascarpone cheese for some minutes (not to much)
  5. tip the english cream little by little onto the mascarpone cream stirring gently

  1. form 16 circle with the biscuit of the same diameter of the baking tins circles
  2. cover each baking tins bottom with a layer of cream
  3. cover each layer of cream with a biscuit circle, press and wet the biscuit with some coffee with a cooking brush
  4. add some tiramisù cream and cover with another coffee wet circle
  5. add another biscuit circle and wet it with some coffee
  6. put the tins into the freezer for some hour
  7. remove out the tiramisù from the tins letting the cream layer up
  8. sprinkle the top with some cocoa powder
  9. let it out of the fridge until the tiramisù become soft then serve it

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