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Arista al forno with potatoes and mushrooms cream

Arista al forno with potatoes and mushrooms cream

“Legend has it that this boneless pork roast got the name "Arista," a word used exclusively in Tuscany, when the Archduke of Tuscany held a banquet at which the Greek Patriarch was in attendance. After being served this dish, he exclaimed his delight with the Greek term "aristos," a praise of the highest caliber. The Tuscans mangled the pronunciation a bit, but the meaning is there, and the dish is truly exalted! "
The “Arista al forno”  is a typical dish of Tuscany. it is a boneless pork loin roast. Its meat is low fat and we are used to having it in one-piece to obtain the typical  arrosto toscano, as in this case. The Arista is usually coupled with potatoes and I propose serving it also with a champignons cream (sauce). I suggest browning the arista in a fry-pan with extravirgin olive oil before baking


Ingredients for 6 persons


   1,5 kg boneless pork loin
         6 potatoes
         meat broth
        extra-virgin olive oil
    2 garlic cloves
     1 bay leaf
fine salt
l        ground black pepper


500 gr mushrooms
 250 gr fresh cream
  1 table spoon butter
 1 table spoon extra-virgin olive oil
  black pepper


Cooking steps

  1. finely chop the sage, the rosemary, the garlic cloves and the other herbs
  2. make some incisions in the meat to rub the herbs into
  3. lash the arista with a cooking rope
  4. finely crash salt and pepper and rub into the pork roast
  5. heat two spoons of the oil in a fry- pan then brown the arista
  6. place the roast in a baking pan with the oil (coat the pan and sprinkle some oil on the top of the roast)
  7. put it into the hot oven
  8. cook on 180°C for about 30' and turn the roast over sometimes
  9. add the diced potatoes into the baking pan and sprinkle some oil on top
  10. cook on 180°C for about 1 hour, turning the roast sometimes and adding some broth if necessary
  11. take out of the oven and let it s one hour at least before serving

  1. slice the mushrooms
  2. heat the butter in a large non-stick fry-pan
  3. put the champignons into the pan
  4. toss it until it becomes slightly brown
  5. dress it with the salt, the pepper and the oil
  6. turn the flame off and tip the champignons onto a mixer
  7. add the parsley and the fresh cream
  8. mix all together until it becomes creamy and homogeneous

  1. put sliced Arista in a dish with the potatoes
  2. dress it with tepid cream
  3. serve tepid (you can also serve the arista cold with the tepid cream)

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