Thursday, 8 August 2013


Necessary: food processor  
Warning: maintain the dough temperature always < 28°

Ingredients for 20 Bomboloni

140 gr water
30 gr brewer's yeast
10 gr salt
120 gr sugar
50 gr soft butter (at room temperature)
180 gr eggs
n.1 vanilla bean (use the inside black seeds)
600 gr flour 00
10 gr organic orange peel
peanuts oil

Cooking Steps
1. gently knead all the ingredients but the butter with the food processor (low speed), until the dough start forming into a ball
2. add the butter and keep on kneading with the food processor (medium speed) until the dough becomes elastic and it starts forming thin strings
3. take the dough out from the food processor, clue it and let it reste into the fridge until it triples its volume (usually I let the dough into the fridge all-night)
4. roll the dough at a height of 50 cm

5. cut out the dough into 20 (at least) circles about 5 cm diameter
6. arrange a bowl with some sugar
7. deep fry the circles one by one (use peanuts oil)
8. put every just fried bombolone into the bowl (one by one), cover it with some sugar and shake te bowl.
Take your bombolone out and start frying the following one...

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